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Ray Of Rainshine

Layout by minty_peach


I'm a writer foremost, writing poems, stories, and random tidbits that come to mind. And sometimes I try my hand at writing music, but I haven't the least bit idea on how to do so. Words are incredible, so mailable in writers' hands, so free to change and twist to mean an infinite amount of feelings and emotions. Gah, I love it.

I write here on LJ because I have to keep my mind creating. I just have to, otherwise I'll get sucked into another 10 month long writers block. D: That was not fun.

This LJ will also be subject to however-frequent ramblings about joy and angst in my life. Fair warning.

I play piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, glass flute, tin flute and melodica, though I wish I played violin. I seriously love anyone who can play violin. Love. Music fuels me, and I'm not just saying that. It's become cliche to say this, but it's true. I think in sounds and colors. Music and painting help me get that out, but writing is my favorite. Isn't that weird?

I listen to various kinds of music, from Panic At The Disco (probably my favorite <3) to Korn, to Bach, to Hadouken!, to Taylor Swift, to Fort Minor, and back. I can't stand mariachi though. Just. Can't. Stand it. Seriously, play it at my funeral and I'll haunt you.